SoundOkapi plays a variety of different instruments.

In 2020, when he embarked on his electronic project, he initially utilized a Prophet XL from Sequential, earning him a coveted spot on Sequentials artist list

After incorporating the Prophet into two albums and numerous live performances and home recordings, SoundOkapi eventually sold it. However, he acquired other equipment during this time, including Soma instruments and the Yamaha Reface. Currently, his top choices are the Haken ContinuuMini and the Soma Terra.

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ContinuuMini from Haken

Expressive synthesizer

One of SoundOkapi's absolute favorites, featured in nearly every concert and prominently showcased in many of his releases and videos. This instrument boasts a plethora of spectacular sounds, activated by finger movements in 3D across its red surface.

The small Haken is the source of all sounds in for example Ataraxia 2

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Terra from Soma

Conceptual, digital synthesizer

A recent addition to SoundOkapi's collection in 2023, this instrument has quickly become a new favorite. Crafted by Vlad Kreimer, it produces wonderfully expressive and dramatic sounds, enriching SoundOkapi's musical palette.

Here is a playlist with all of SoundOkapis Terra-videos

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Drum synthesizer

DFAM from Moog

Analog drum synthesizer

The legendary Moog sound condensed into a compact, groovy box known as the Drummer From Another Mother

The DFAM makes the harsh groove in The Downfall Club from SoundOkapis album 'Drones...' and plays a duet with the Wing Pinger from Meng Qui in Music on a snowy day

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Lyra-8 from Soma

Drone synthesizer

Another remarkable instrument from Vlad Kreimer's innovative Soma company. This device produces drones, noise, and otherworldly sounds.

Experience its full potential in SoundOkapi's low-budget, minimalist short film The uncanny Thought where it serves as the entire soundtrack. In this video all four Soma instruments in SoundOkapis collection plays together

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Phrase looper

Cosmos from Soma

Drifitng memory station

Not exactly an instrument, but a uniquely special looper that leaves its distinct mark on every sound it processes. Is having two necessary? No, but it is convenient and inspiring!

Cosmos assumes a pivotal role in Rite of New Endings from SoundOkapis album 'Poetic'. And of course it also appears in the whole Soma family improv

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Small electric piano

Reface CP from Yamaha

Electric piano

Five electric pianos, a toy piano, and a classic grand - all encapsulated in this compact and effortlessly portable instrument. The sound is truly inspiring.

The Reface CP can be heard in Web of No Things

Link to the remarkable Reface CP


Wing Pinger from Menq Qi

Analog, filter-based synthesizer

Crafted by the innovative Chinese genius Meng Qi, this peculiar instrument boasts a truly unique sound palette. Two resonant filters interact and modulate each other, producing a very distinctive sound.

The Wing Pinger pairs seamlessly with the Moog DFAM, as showcased in this video

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Koto synthesizer

Waraku from Suzuki


Originally devised as a practice tool for traditional Japanese koto players, the Waraku enables silent practice, making it ideal for late-night sessions in small spaces. However, it is actually a remarkably beautiful instrument in its own right. The Waraku in SoundOkapi's collection, aged 25-30 years, still performs flawlessly.

SoundOkapis most popular video on YouTube features a demonstration of the Waraku

No link to the wonderful Waraku, but here is Suzukis main page

Drum machine

DrumKid from Matt Bradshaw

A straightforward drum machine

Inexpensive, low-fi, yet capable of introducing randomness both in rhythm initiation and variation during play. Matt Bradshaw is currently developing a more sophisticated version featuring hi-fi samples, which will hopefully be released later in 2024.

In this live recording from Berlin DrumKid collaborates with the Yamaha Reface CP through the Soma Cosmos.

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Loop pedal

RC-300 from Boss

Loop station

Featuring three independent loops that can be synced or left unsynchronized, the Boss RC-300 has been a crucial tool for SoundOkapi in crafting the sound sculptures on the album Ataraxia While the looper itself is not audibly discernible, its influence is woven into the structure through long repetitions.

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Studio mixer

Studio Live 16.4.2 from Presonus

16-channel mixer

The center of all recordings and nearly every SoundOkapi concert. Reverb and delay effects are frequently sourced from the built-in effects section of the 16.4.2

Link to the fantastic Studio Live mixer

collection of guitar pedals

Assorted effect pedals

Occasionally, you'll hear instrument sounds processed through effect pedals in SoundOkapi's music. Here's a photo of his current collection.

Nux Tape Core, Jomox T-Resonator, Walrus Slö, Deepspace Devices Antikythera, Cooper FX Generation Loss, TC Electronic Mimiq, Koma Commander and Dreadbox Kinematic

SoundOkapi's favourite: the Walrus Slö

Wooden amplifier

Onde from La Voix du Luthier

Self-powered resonator

SoundOkapi utilizes the Onde for concerts in small, intimate spaces such as village churches, galleries, cafés and homes. With its built-in amplifier and battery, you can power the Haken mini via USB and play it through the Onde's wooden resonator, delivering a wonderful sound.

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Enner from Soma

Experimental touch-synthesizer

Yet another instrument from Soma Labs. It is played by touching the metal plates on the surface, thereby creating noisy textures, strange grooves and other highly interesting sounds. Listen to the Enner in this everyday recording from SoundOkapi's home studio

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