SoundOkapi has created numerous videos for his YouTube channel.

Here, you'll discover a curated collection of his finest and most sought-after content. Among these are demonstration videos featuring various instruments, alongside inspired recordings from his home studio.

On one occasion, SoundOkapi ventured into filmmaking, producing a gritty, half-hour-long short film by transforming footage captured at a nearby pond into a haunting depiction of the afterlife. Through manipulation of colors and lighting, combined with eerie music from his Lyra-8, he crafted an unsettling work.
(You can find this particular one below, titled 'The Uncanny Thought').

Live from Berlin

An excerpt from a concert at the iconic venue Madame Claude, featuring SoundOkapi and the Berlin-based electronic trio Pausa a Pausa.

Music on a snowy day

Recorded in SoundOkapi's home studio at that point, this piece brings together the Moog DFAM and the Wing Pinger from Meng Qi. Learn more about the instruments on this page

Juggle in the Rubble

This is one of several videos capturing SoundOkapi's exploration of the Soma Terra. Check out the complete playlist here

Versatile brass solo

This video also showcases the Terra, bestowing SoundOkapi with the great honor of being featured in one of the demo videos on Soma's very own website

Music from a Tiny House

SoundOkapi's most recent album was premiered on YouTube in April 2024, unveiling new and groovy facets of his work. This version is a special one created for YouTube and Soundcloud in which the individual tracks are crossfaded according to SoundOkapi's own preferences.

Rehearsal with Hanne R.

One of SoundOkapi's standout collaborations is with vocal artist Hanne Raffnsøe. Here's a video from one of their rehearsals before recording their three lengthy singles.

Flower feat. Helle Thun

Another artist held in high regard by SoundOkapi is singer Helle Thun. In 2021, he participated on her album titled Tales from Forgotten Woods with improvisations for voice and pipe organ on the Gateway label. This handheld video was made by Lars Koldkjær (Warning: this was before SoundOkapi grew his long hair...)

The Universe is Ajar

In May 2021, following the COVID-19 shutdown, SoundOkapi contributed to a streaming concert recorded in his own studio and visually edited by the sound artist Thorzager. Subsequently, he titled his lengthy improvisation 'The Universe is Ajar'.

Off the grid

One of SoundOkapi's earliest videos remains one of his most-watched. It features a short improvisation showcasing his newly acquired Onde from La Voix du Luthier alongside his Haken ContinuuMini.

The Uncanny Thought

The short film referenced in the introduction on this page may not be among SoundOkapi's most popular videos. However, he holds it very dear and believes that his performance with the Soma Lyra-8 in the music that accompanies the film represents a peak on this instrument, unmatched before or since.

Slow cooking textures

The most-watched video on SoundOkapi demonstrates how to create textures that evolve over time on the Soma Cosmos (no.5 on the page) - a rather nerdy subject to become the most popular, but such is the state of affairs in the electronic music world.

A visit at Ciat-Lonbarde

During one of his many trips to Berlin, SoundOkapi visited Patch Point, the home of Ciat Lonbarde instruments, and experimented with a couple of them.

How to pronounce "SoundOkapi"

The artist name SoundOkapi often causes confusion regarding its pronunciation. However, this time Google Translate got it right.


Flemming Chr. Hansen
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